Economic Development & Community Relations Strategies

Economic Development & Community Relations StrategiesEconomic Development & Community Relations StrategiesEconomic Development & Community Relations Strategies

Giving you the tools you need to create the vision you want for your organization

What We Do

Meaning of Intrépide

  Intrépide means "fearless, bold" in French. Fearless and bold are two words that epitomize how we approach each project. We take your ideas, explore them and create a strategy on how to accomplish your vision with measurable outcomes. It's that simple -- we love making magic happen.

The Technical Stuff

Our approach is to engage with staff, stakeholders, and community leaders to understand what is working and what it is not. It is about having open dialogue, listening to the community and engaging with this group on what success looks like. Once we identify the vision, we get to work on designing your plan with step-by-step actions, milestones and measurable outcomes.  

We take the facts, research and analyze the data, and maximize your strengths while outlining how to make the necessary steps for ideal outcomes. 

Our Expertise

We are economic development  and non-profit thought leaders with expertise in business attraction and retention efforts, project development and management of new and creative ways to market your community or organization. We are passionate about making meaningful impact in the communities and organizations we serve and we do not shy away from the tough stuff -- in fact, we believe transparency and communication are the keys to successfully driving change.

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